Building Insurance

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Building Insurance

Building insurance, whether you’d like to protect a commercial building or your residential apartment; a building insurance is a customized insurance policy that will help protect your building from unforeseen circumstances such as fires, burglaries, natural disasters and other risks.

What’s Great About A Building Insurance By Digit?

  • Value for Money: To cover for a building may seem like an expensive affair. However, given that our insurance is completely online and digital, our costs are lesser and hence the premium too is lesser and more affordable than what you may find otherwise. 
  • Digital Friendly: Being one of India’s first online insurance companies, most of our processes; right from buying a building insurance to making claims can be done online! So even when there’s an inspection required for a claim, you can just do it online. However, for claims above Rs 1 lakh. As per the IRDAI, those need to be done manually only.
  • Covers All Business Categories: Whether you’re looking to cover your office building or your chain of retail stores, we cover all business categories big and small.
  • Plans for Renters: A lot of millennials today are choosing to rent than own and that’s why, one may not find the complete building insurance plan relevant. Hence, we’ve built customized building insurance plans for those who’d like to cover for only the things that they own in their rental apartments as well.

What’s Covered In A Building Insurance By Digit?

There are different types of tax implications of a Keyman insurance policy on the premiums paid as well as on the benefits received. Let’s understand these implications for the employer as well as for the employee in details:

Explosion & Aircraft Damage

Covers your building from damages and losses that could occur due to an explosion or even aircraft damage.


Nature’s furies are unpredictable. A building insurance covers for the damages and losses that happen when a storm storms into your building too!


Excess water can lead to various damages. This building insurance also covers for any damages and losses caused to your building in the case of a flood.


Protects your building and its contents from damages and losses that can be caused due to a building fire.


Ensure you’re always protected for the worst. Earthquakes can lead to severe damages! This building insurance covers you against its losses caused due to the same.


Burglaries can occur anywhere, and especially occur in residential buildings. In case of damages and losses caused due to the same, your building insurance will cover for it.

Types Of Building Insurance Plans

At STS Wealth, our insurance covers your building against fire and natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes through our Digit Standard Fire & Special Perils policy. However, since buildings are also at a risk of burglary, we also cover burglaries. This way, your building will not only be protected from damages and losses due to fires and natural calamities but also from burglary. To simplify this for you, we have differentiated coverage options as below:

  1. Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    Covers only the contents of your home or business.

    Covers both your building and the contents of your home or business.

    Covers your building, contents of your home or business and, valuables such as cash in safe or shop counter.

Things to know about Building Insurance

  • Content – If you’re confused as to what ‘contents’ refers to in a Building Insurance, it refers to your personal belongings in your house. For example, if there’s a burglary in your house and your laptop is stolen; your building insurance will cover for the contents, i.e. your laptop too.  
  • Building/Structure – As the name suggests, a ‘Building’ or ‘Structure’ in your Building Insurance refers to the entire property you want to cover. For instance, if you’re looking to protect your family’s standalone building, your entire building is what would be referred to as the ‘building’ covered for.
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